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Crescent Creations

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Featured Products
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Nature Inspired Gemstone Jewelry

Inventory at Crescent Creations is constantly updated as each individual piece of jewelry is a one of a kind item. Don't hesitate to order  from our inventory so you receive the exact item you are wanting. Always contact us first before sending any funds, so we can assure you will receive the item you are inquiring about. Crescent Creations strives to keep our product pages current and updated. Since each piece is a one of a kind, even though we strive to keep our website content updated, it may have been already purchased.

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Choose a fine crafted necklace
adorned with a nature inspired
theme, accented with Semi-
Precious crystals and stones.
All of our jewelry is a one
of a kind item.
We can also create your own
custom design please inquire
about the style and estimated
price range of jewelry you are
looking for.
Contact us directly so we can
create a customized crystal
Crescent Creation for you.  

This month's
Featured Nature
Inspired Necklace


17" Hematite and Amethyst
Necklace with
Hematite and Amethyst Pendant
Item# moon and star
$15.00 plus shipping

Currently Out Of Stock

Seven Chakras
Healing Gemstones
Seven Gemstones that correspond to the Seven Chakras. Select smooth 
genuine Semi-Precious tumbled gemstones.
(Every so often we will change gemstone types that correspond to each Chakra) Seven Gemstones represented in this set include one each of the following. 
1-Apache Tear
1-Blue Lace Agate
(Crystal sizes, and colorations vary in each set)
Includes a beautifully crafted macrame drawstring carrying pouch.
$12.95 plus shipping


17" Copper and Goldstone necklace 
Copper Dragonfly pendandt.
Item # CCN44
$15.00 plus shipping

17" Brass Accented
Necklace with
Brass Pendant
Item# CCN46
$15.00 plus shipping

We also create other
products such as the
below product. We
can create a custom
color theme for you.
Contact us for your
specific request.

7" 1/2 Triangular
Theme Bracelet
Siver accented,
Red, White and Blue
Item # CCB2
$15.00 plus shipping

1011 Hackberry Ct. * Troy, Missouri * US * 63379